Saturday, October 27, 2012

Macramé Nuts Bracelet

I found the original instructions for this craft on the Taylor and Demolish site. I adapted it a bit.

You'll need:
2-8 foot strands of 1mm hemp cord in 2 different colors (I used black and purple for this example)
8-1/4-inch hexagonal nuts
1 or more charms of choice

Cut each strand of hemp into a 2-foot and a 6-foot length. Fold both 2-foot lengths in half and clip to a sturdy surface (I use a clip-board.) Then, center both of the 6-foot lengths behind the shorter strands and make 13 alternating half-knots (6-1/2 square knots.)
Add a hex nut, enclosing it in another square knot. Repeat with 2 more hex nuts. Add charm to one set of outside (long) strands before adding remaining 3 hex nuts in square knots.
Continue making 6-1/2 more square knots.
Add another hex nut, then tie an overhand knot tightly. Tie another overhand knot about 1-inch further down before adding the last hex nut. Tie a last overhand knot snug against the nut, leaving approximately 1-inch of tassel.
Take original loop of hemp and pull over knots as clasp.
Will fit approximately a 6-inch wrist. Make additional square knots on either side or between hex nuts to lengthen for larger wrists or ankles, using longer lengths of cord.

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First Post - October 27, 2012

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